时间      五月26日下午1:00 - 4:00 (5/26/2018 Saturday 1:00pm – 4:00pm)

地点:     莱克星顿社区中心 (Lexington Community Center, 39 Marrett Street, Lexington, Cafeteria)

美国是一个移民国家,华人移民的历史是美国历史的有机组成部分。从19世纪的金山梦开始,经过长期痛苦的排华年代、历经两次世界大战及冷战期间的中美同盟、到21世纪的今天,华人移民美国的历程一直是一个怀着憧憬、有着忐忑,在新大陆更新、扎根的过程。五月是亚太裔传统月,是庆祝亚太裔文化、传统及历史的日子。我们特邀威廉姆斯学院(Williams College)历史学家Scott Wong教授和我们一起回顾华人移民美国的历史。


这个论坛由莱克星顿华协, Cary 图书馆 和莱克星顿历史学会共同主办.

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[Asian Pacific American Heritage Month] Wen-ti Tsen’ art is on display at the library from May 1 through June 30

Wen-ti Tsen is a painter and public artist. He was born in China, lived in Paris and London before coming to the U.S. to study at Boston Museum School. Since the 1970s, he has made art that explores cultural connections. His work takes the forms of paintings, mixed media installations, large-scale sculptural works in public spaces, and community art projects working with grassroots organizations. 
Some of his works featured at the library include Home Town: Re-presentation of Boston’s Chinatown as Place of People, a set of 12 life-size figures of late 19th century Chinese immigrants that were displayed around throughout Boston’s Chinatown neighborhood; Concord, NH, a series of 4’x8’ paintings that show the daily lives of two of Tsen’s old friends from Beirut; and The Asian American Comic Book, a collaborative effort with the Asian American Resource Workshop, which depicts the lives of Asian Americans before coming to the United States and their experiences after immigrating.
The opening reception, including a talk by the artist was held on Thursday, May 3 at 7 p.m. This event was co-sponsored by the Chinese American Association of Lexington (CAAL). Tsen will also speak on Wednesday, June 13 at 3 p.m. Both events will take place in the Living Room.

[Lexington Minuteman] LETTER: METCO College Scholarship Fund Thanks CAAL and Community

As the METCO College Scholarship Fund of Lexington prepares for our 47th year of granting of higher-education scholarships to our college-bound LHS METCO seniors, we want to thank so many supportive members of our community who make this work possible.

We were thrilled to be the Chinese American Association of Lexington’s first Community Building Award honoree this year. This commendation, accompanied by generous financial support from CAAL, with supplemental donations by members of the CAAL executive committee, critically augments the funds available for scholarships. This contribution continues Lexington’s support of METCO students, not only throughout their public-school education, but into their college years — a firm declaration of our core town values of diversity, inclusion and opportunity for all. CAAL’s endorsement is a ringing affirmation of these values. Read full text

CAAL Held Presidential Volunteer Service Award Seminar

CAAL Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) Seminar was held on April 26. For 35 years, CAAL has been supportting and encouraging younger generations to give back to the community, especially with the establishment of the PVSA four years ago . Students and parents learned about a whole range of opportunities to participate in community service that are organized, supported/sponsored or recognized by CAAL in collaboration with the town and community organizations.  Besides the five PVSA committee members, six invited speakers including youth, parents, one LexFarm board of director , and recipient of a PVSA life time achievement award and the Lexington Minuteman Cane award Sophia Ho introduced various volunteering programs and shared their volunteering experiences. Thank you very much for all of your sharing and service to the community! Hope this is helpful!

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Please find the presentation slides and application forms:

CAAL PVSA Seminar Presentation Slides 

CAAL PVSA 2017-2018 Guideline

CAAL PVSA 2017-2018 Form A

CAAL PVSA 2017-2018 Form B

Join Us in Lexington Patriot’s Day Parade!

The annual Patriot’s Day celebration and parade is a tradition of Lexington. Chinese Americans of Lexington have been actively participating every year. On this special day, we join our fellow Americans to celebrate our democracy and freedom, cherish our hard-earned peace and good life, and show our pride to be part of this great town and great country!

This year, the Chinese American Association of Lexington (CAAL) is organizing another major event. We will have multiple sub-teams in our parade formation, including Youth Marching Band, High/Middle School Sportsman, Qipao Ladies, Shining Seniors, Minuteman@Lex Triathlon, Dragon Dance, and Proud Families. We welcome you and your family to join us in the parade!

Date: Monday, April 16th, 1-4PM
Venue: Near Wilson Farm. We will keep you posted.

URL: http://lexparade.weform.net

Bring your family, bring your friends! Join us to celebrate the 243th year of Lexington’s Pride!


Promote Chinese Culture, Help Americans Learn Chinese

CAAL is partnering with a local Chinese learning group to help promote Chinese language and Chinese culture. This group meets usually every two weeks, often on Monday evenings, at Lexington Community Center. People’s Chinese skills range from very beginners, to quite advanced speakers. The group is looking for more native Chinese speakers who can join and help conversations on various topics.

Adults and high school students who are fluent in Chinese are encouraged to participate. CAAL can provide community service certificates for those who need.

People who are interested in this activity should first sign up atwww.meetup.com, then search for “Lexington Mandarin Language MeetUp” and join that group.


CAAL Community Services Committee

Munroe Saturday Night Presented Beijing Opera in Collaboration with CAAL and Boston Beijing Opera

Munroe Saturday Nights proudly presented an exclusive Beijing Opera performance in collaboration with CAAL (the Chinese American Association of Lexington) and the Boston Beijing Opera Association on March 10 at First Parish in Lexington..  

Scenes from beloved traditional Chinese Operas were performed by the talented company with traditional makeup and costuming along with music from Chinese instruments. Event Photos 

[世界日报】萊镇華人慶新年 盼「一個村庄,一個夢想」


華協會長王衛東表示,1980年代成立以來,CAAL 每兩年舉辦全鎮性中國新年慶祝活動。即使近來鎮上華人對「亞裔細分」有不同的聲音,這項傳統活動依舊繼續。


2018 CAAL Chinese New Year Celebration Photos (1) (by Dongxu Shan)

2018 CAAL Chinese New Year Celebration Photos (2) (by Sheng Ji)

2018 CAAL Chinese New Year Celebration Photos (3) (by Katie and Jessie Chen)

2018 CAAL Chinese New Year Celebration Photos (4) (by Kevin Tang)

2018 CAAL Chinese New Year Celebration Photos (5) (by Jixue Yang)

2018 CAAL Chinese New Year Celebration Videos

[Lexington Minuteman] One Village, One Dream: Lexington Celebrates Chinese New Year

As some 400 people ate the last bits of fish with sour cabbage sauce, family-style tofu and other Chinese dishes on their plates, a drumbeat filled the air at the Minuteman High School cafeteria Saturday, Feb. 10.

Accompanied by clashing cymbals, the drumbeats–heavy enough to resonate in one’s chest–continued as several people held aloft a red Chinese dragon and snaked through the room. In the back of the cafeteria, a cluster of girls in pink tutus stood on a staircase, while martial artists in black satin pants and black t-shirts stood just to the side of the performance area—all waiting for their turn to perform. The Chinese American Association of Lexington (CAAL)’s bi-annual Chinese New Year Celebration was in full swing, ringing in the year of the dog and kicking off CAAL’s 35th anniversary. [Read full report]

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