History (历史)

  • Established since 1983, CAAL has been serving Chinese American interests in Lexington since the 1980s. With the influx of Chinese families to town in recent years, CAAL has worked to increase our social and political profile in the community in the following areas: make a difference in Lexington civic life, share culture heritage, support school and education, promote community service and give back, provide social and networking opportunities and advocate for social justice and equality。
  • CAAL has been increasingly involved in many aspects of town affairs, including elected Town Meeting, town-wide officials, elected Board representation and participated in various town committees.
  • In 2011, the CAAL Community Task Force (CTF) was founded to advance civic involvement。
  • In 2013, CAAL became a recognized tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3).
  • In early 2017, the CAAL Political Action Committee (PAC) was created as a separate entity to focus on local politics and elections.



  • 成立于1983, CAAL 在莱克星敦镇的历史可追溯到上世纪八十年代。随着大量华裔家庭搬入莱镇,CAAL 的成员人数也日益增多,CAAL也不断增强对地方政治和文化上的影响, 包括:参与社区管理,传播中国文化,支持学校与教育,提供义工服务平台,提供社交机会, 关注社会正义与平等。
  • CAAL近年来积极参与镇的管理,包括竞选镇议会, 镇董事会和其他管理席位。也有越来越多的成员参与各社区委员会的运作。
  • 2011年CAAL 成立了社区参与委员会鼓励成员参与镇事务。
  • CAAL于2013 年正式转型为非营利组织501(c)(3)。
  • 2017年,我们又成立了CAAL PAC 作为CAAL 的政治分支积极参与地方政治和选举。