CAAL in the News

2023.1.22. LexMedia Video of the LNY evening

最头条TOPNEWS|莱镇龙年春晚及庙会隆重举行 Lexington 2024 Lunar New Year Celebrations (YouTube)

2203.1.22 Lexington Observer “Lexington Lunar New Year Celebration in Photos”

2023.7.10 BFA 报道 “023 波士顿国际亚洲音乐节” 完美收官

2023.6.27 BFA 报道 “超过500人参加的 AAPI 5K Run ‘n’ Walk 活动”

2023.6.2. Lexington Observer Food and Culture go hand in hand at the AAPI Food Festival

2023.3.18 BFA Report Lexington Dance around the World

2023.3.2 CAAL Stages Lunar New Year Series 

2023.1.22 BFA 最头条 “莱镇春晚重磅回归,喜迎兔年新春”

2023.1.8 BFA “横流文化的交融”中国书画展莱镇开展“

2022 Nov/Oct Lexington Times “CAAL is honored at the United Chinese American Convention” 

2022.10.5 LexOberver CAAL receives “UCA Outstanding Chinese American Organization Award”

2022.8.13 波士谈 “2022 UCA 美国华人大会特别节目之麻州代表团采访特辑”

2022. 7.10 BARTV “2022 ‘梦想家’波士顿国际亚洲音乐节完美收官”

2022. 7.1 Lexington Times “A Bolder Past to a Brighter Future”

2022.6.25 波士顿中文广播电视台(BARTV) “Boston International Asian Music Festival”

2022.6.8 波士顿中文广播电视台(BARTV) “同一个村庄同一个梦想“亚裔在莱镇摄影展”成功举办

2022.5.21 LexObserver “What does AAPI Heritage Month Mean to Lexingtonians?”

2022.3.24 Lexington Minuteman “CAAL and LesxSeeHer Announce Partnership”

2022.2.5 LexObserver “The Chinese American Association of Lexington (CAAL) held its annual candidate forum Thursday night

2022.1.31 波士顿中文广播电视台(BARTV) “2022 星桥龙腾虎跃云端春晚“

2022.1.26 Lexington Minuteman “CAAL welcomes in Year of the Tiger with remote celebration

2021.11.18 Lexington Minuteman “Asian American History Focus of Benefit Concert”

2021.11.11 LexMeida Video “AAPI Inclusion Benefit Concert

2021.11.9 Lexington Observer “每个人都做点什么“

2021.10.28 LexMedia Video “A presentation in honor of Henry Ar Foon -Chinese American Cycling Leader in 1890s” 

2021.10.21 Lexington Minuteman “Photos: Lexington Center hosts Re-Discovery Day celebration”

2021.9.4 波士谈 “反亚裔歧视的正确姿势- 疫情下的思考系列”

2021.8.3 今日头条 ‘首届波士顿亚洲音乐艺术节, 为当地社区献上文化交融艺术盛宴“

2021.7.25 今日头条 “梦想家‬”首届波士顿亚洲国际音乐艺术节将在莱克星顿(Lexington)镇、牛顿(Newton)市、贝尔蒙特(Belmont)镇倾情演绎”

2021.7.25 波士顿中文网 “波士顿亚洲国际音乐艺术节阵容揭晓, 梦想家夺得冠名权”

2021.5.31 Boston25News “More than 100 people gather for anti-Asian hate rally in Boston”

2021.5.24 Lexington Minuteman “Lexington students lead push for greater diversity in school curriculum”

2021.5.13 Lexington Minuteman Meet the Lexington team behind “Patriot Points Walk”

2021.5.5 Lexington Minuteman Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Declared in Lexington

2021.5.4. Lexington Observer “Everyone has done something” – How Lexington has come together throughout the Pandemic 

2021.4.13 BBC News 亚特兰大枪击案激发中产美国亚裔觉醒:“生为亚裔我自豪

2021.4.11 Boston Globe Post-Event Report Young Asian Americans speak out about racism, call on educators to add Asian American studies to curricula

2021.4.11 GBH News Boston-Area protesters rally all weekend to stop Asian Hate after recent violent attacks

2021.4.11 7 News Boston Demonstrators at Boston Common Denounce Hate, call for more Asian American history in classrooms

2021.4.11 WBZ4 CBS Boston Rally calls for Asian Studies to be added to school curriculum

2021.4.10 Boston Globe Pre-event Lexington Teen’s “We Are Proud to Be Asian” Song Inspire Weekend Rally at Boston Common

2021.3.27 Boston Globe “Rally Along Marathon Route Denounces Anti-Asian Hate”

2021.3. 27 CBS News “We will not be silent”: Rally Along Boston Marathon Route Calls Out Attacks Against Asian Americans

2021.2.19 中美创新时报, 今日头条, 星岛日报报道五位华人居民参与莱镇议会选举

2021.2.9 新英格兰华人联盟主席王华:百人会“华人对美国的贡献”报告值得宣传和传承

2021 莱镇春晚中美创新时报报道

2021 莱镇春晚今日头条报道

2021 Lexington’s Lunar New Year Goes Virtual to Celebrate Year of the Ox

2020 [Colonial Times] CAAL Says “Thank you, Lexington” for COVID-19 Relief Campaign 

2020 [Lexington Minuteman] Students donate thousands to local food pantry

2020 Hua Wang Supporting the COVID-19 Frontline in Wuhan and Massachusetts

CAAL is Community Endowment of Lexington’s 2020 Grantee

2020 [Lexington Minuteman] Amid Pandemic, Lexington Chinese American Groups raised thousands, unite community

2020 [Lexington Minuteman] As Virus grows, Lexington fights back!

2020 [Lexington Minuteman] Lexington Welcomes Year of the Rat with Lunar New Year Show 

2019 [Lexington Minuteman] Lexington’s Asian American community among the area’s fastest growing

2019 [Lexington Minuteman] Cary Hall fills for Lunar New Year show in Lexington

2019【世界日报】勒星頓華洋 歡度春晚慶新年

2019 [Lexington Minuteman] Lexington to ring in Year of the Pig with largest Lunar New Year celebration yet

2019 [Lexington Minuteman] Chinese American Association of Lexington Host Candidate Forum

2018 [Lexington Minuteman] LETTER: METCO College Scholarship Fund Thanks Community

2018【世界日报】莱顿华人庆新年, 盼【一个村庄,一个梦想】

2018 [Minuteman Newspaper] One Village, One Dream, Lexington Celebrates Chinese New Year

2017 [Minuteman Newspaper] Outstanding Youth, Minuteman Cane, and White Tricorne Hat awards presented in Lexington

2017 [世界新闻网】 勒星頓華協文化日 人潮洶湧

2017 Interview with Peter Lee

2016 Interview Sophie and Larry Ho

2016 [世界新闻网】 勒星顿华协年会,五人获总统义工奖

2016 Chinese Community Set Fundraising Record Raising $75 K for Cary Memorial Library

2016 [Minuteman Newspaper] Lexington Celebrates the 2016 Chinese New Year!

2015 CCTV 新闻视频【华人世界】 美国, 莱克星顿市新年晚会 中国文化深受欢迎