CAAL Community Service and PVSA Information Seminar was held on July 31, 2022

For 39 years, CAAL has been supporting and encouraging younger generations to give back to the community, especially with the establishment of the Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) seven years ago. Members from CAAL Community Service Committee introduced twelve CAAL youth programs and a whole range of opportunities to participate in community service that are organized, sponsored or recognized by CAAL, in collaboration with the town and community organizations. Student leaders shared their volunteering experiences with the students and parents.

Here are the 2022 CAAL PVSA Seminar presentation video and slides, and PVSA application forms. Please submit your application between Sept 1-Sept 30, 2022.

CAAL总统义工奖评选说明讲座 (7月31日)


    2022年的义工活动内容和时间和往年有何不同?CAAL是否有 新的调整?

华协社区委员会主任Wendy Qin, 将就今年“如何申请和登记总统奖义工时间”做出详细说明,而且特别邀请2-3名总统义工奖的得奖代表来分享他们的经验。另目前青少年项目的负责人和总统义工奖委员会成员都会在线解答大家的问题.

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莱镇AAPI 美食录编著- Create a AAPI community cookbook


请于8月5日之前扫码,通过Google FormAAPI网站或联系



As part of our food celebration, we are looking to co-create a community cookbook with favorite AAPI recipes (& recipe-related stories) representing different AAPI cultures.

Here is a link (or through the AAPI youth website to submit the recipes. 

Please follow the recipe template (content and format) below to prepare your Recipe &Story.

This event is organized by Lexington AAPI Youth Team and Chinese American Association of Lexington, Funded by Community Endowment of Lexington (CEL) and Civic Leadership Academy (CLA); Co-sponsored by Japanese Support Group of Lexington, Indian Americans of Lexington, and Korean-American Organization of Lexington.

書語萊镇 – Read Lexington



“Every time I walk into the reading room of the Lexington Cary Library, the big bookshelf with well arranged books always attracts my attention and curiosity. “Celebrate Lexington’s Authors – 150th Cary Memorial Library 1868 – 2018” is written on the wall behind the bookshelf. As it is well known, Lexington has more than 500 published authors who specialize in science, education, literature, history, economics, health, computer science and other fields, and the library houses more than 1,500 books written by Lexington residents, an invaluable resource for many of us.

ReadLexington focuses on the local writers who live amongst us. They are our neighbors, friends and mentors. They appear distant yet are so close to us. ReadLexington aims to promote books written by Lexingtonians, offers readers a glimpse of authors’ creative process and daily life, and encourages everyone to read their books. It is published in both English and Chinese.

Summer afternoon-summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language. – An International Episode Writer, Henry James. Let us pick a beautiful summer afternoon, and read a book by Lexingtonian together!

Here is the Chinese version

Here is the English version

Dreamaga Boston International Asian Music Festival was successfully held in Lexington on June 25 / 活动回顾 – 青草香里听乐声

What a fabulous night for “Tanglewood in Lexington”! Audiences enjoyed music from different genres by musicians from top music institutes, as well as amateur musicians of all ages in a cool summer evening.

Heartfelt thanks to many of our dedicated volunteers who made the Dreamaga Boston International Asian Music Festival in Lexington a huge success and a unique experience for audiences!

Here is the BARTV Interview

Here is the video replay of the concert

Here is the photo album from Dongxu Shan.

Here is the photo album collected from other photographer volunteers.




马提亚尔说:“回忆过去的生活,无异于再活一次。” 这次影展的照片于无声处中温暖地拥抱你的内心,这些时空的印记,让自己慢下来,回眸,再一次体会曾经的欢笑与泪水。看到这么多熟悉的乡亲朋友们的在照片中定格的身影,真好!
 欢迎大家走进 “亚裔在莱镇”你的我的摄影展。 “同一个村庄同一个梦想”摄影作品展示及慈善义卖仍在继续。时间跨度十年的的影展更像一瓶美酒,值得细品,醇厚甘甜。

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