20th Anniversary of Lexington List

Jeri Zeder has written a very nice article about the 20th Anniversary of the Lexington List which appears in the Oct/Nov 2022 issue of The Lexington Times. “The COVID Connection” section has a touching story about the Lexington List and CAAL.

Thank you Harry Forsdick for bringing the community together through the Lexington list for the past 20 years. This list has also connected Chinese American community with the broader community.


记录生活 – “秋之美” 征文活动




莱镇华协(CAAL )邀请您参加特别征文“秋之美”。






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Survey Now Open for Participation: The State of Chinese Americans- Joint Research Conducted by Columbia University and Committee of 100

百人会的问卷这里做 ,发出我们的声音

Columbia University, one of the world’s leading research universities, and Committee of 100, a non-profit membership organization of prominent Chinese Americans, today announced that its joint survey on “The State of Chinese Americans” is now open.  CAAL is the partner for this survey.

The joint research will provide much-needed data to shed light on the demographic, economic, health, and sociopolitical situations of the Chinese American population, and inform policymakers and the public on the status and needs of the community. The survey data will inform timely and responsive policies, programs, and services.

The nationwide survey will be conducted online in English, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese. All adults self-identifying of Chinese-ethnic origin and living in the United States are encouraged to participate in the anonymous survey here: bit.ly/ChineseAmericanSurvey. The research is carried out by researchers of the China Center for Social Policy at Columbia University School of Social Work and Committee of 100.

We are proud to be partnering with community organizations across the country in rolling out this survey. Our research teams completed a successful pilot study of the survey this summer, with the help of the Chinese-American Planning Council, Chinese American Women in Action, the Community Youth Center of San Francisco, and the U.S. Heartland China Association. Columbia and Committee of 100 invite additional organizations, community members, and interested groups to participate and partner in this critical research project, to amplify the voices of Chinese American communities nationwide. For more information on how you can become involved, please contact swchinesesurvey@columbia.edu.

Book Talk “How to Navigate Life” by Belle Liang on October 22

Parents, students, and anyone looking to figure out their next step in life: you’re invited to join us for an evening with Boston College professor, psychologist, and author Belle Liang for a look into her new book, “How to Navigate Life: the New Science of Finding Yourself and Your Way in School, Work, and Beyond,” co-authored with fellow BC professor Tim Klein.How to Navigate Life has reached Amazon’s best sellers list and been featured on NPR and other national media.

There’s more to personal fulfillment than performance; but the “happiness mindset” of chasing our passions can leave us disappointed when we realize our expectations for constant happiness will never be met. So how do we make better choices that help us find our way to a more satisfying, purpose-centered life? As it turns out, there’s plenty of research to help. This is the topic for the evening, featuring an interactive presentation in a conversational format with Dr. Liang followed by a book-signing. Copies of the book will be available for purchase at the event.

Please register at the link below.

Thank to Grace Chapel Lexington for hosting this event and CAAL as the co-sponsor.

Register through this link. Zoom option is also available.

Harvest Festival on Oct 15 11-1 pm at Community Center – Pre-registration required

Celebrate the start of fall with family games, activities, and crafts. Bring your kids, your grandkids, your friends, or your neighbors! This event is sensory-friendly, multi-generational, and fun for the whole family. CAAL is the sponsor of this event organized by Lexington Recreation and Community Programs

Pre – registration is required! Sign up now to secure your spot to visit the petting zoo, grab a pumpkin to decorate, get some fried dough and cider, enjoy the live DJ and play games!

莱克星敦10月8日举行探索日 (3)

华协舞台,邀请了ADA民族舞工作室的舞者和冯丽丽唱歌工作室的波士顿美少女组合,大人和孩子们在蓝天白云下载歌载舞,节目包括笛子伴奏的中国古典与现代舞蹈,以及风格清新的说唱歌曲表演。Discover Day 舞台负责人Brian Daniels 盛赞华协舞台呈现,说是最受观众欢迎的部分。