Distinguished Guests Mark the 40th Anniversary of Vincent Chin Murder on June 26

On Jun 26, 2022 CAAL Co-President Melanie Lin joined with other local and national organizations in Boston Chinatown to remember the life of Vincent Chin, a Chinese American man who was brutally beaten by two white auto workers on June 19, 1982.

Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin R. Hayden, Steven W. Tompkins, Boston City Council President Ed Flynn, City Councilor At-Large Erin Murphy, Salem Mayor, Lt. Governor Candidate Kimberley Driscoll and other distinguished guests delivered remarked in honor of Vincent Chin’s life and against hate crimes.

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我的5K 故事/AAPI 5K Run ‘n’ Walk Lexington/

AAPI 5K Run ‘n’ Walk Lexington
本次“我的5K故事” 征文活动从五月中旬开始,一共收到来自社区三十位朋友们的踊跃投稿,分别以四个主题系列编辑成文发布:
感谢大家分享自己的5K小故事与经历,首届 AAPI 5K Run ‘n’ Walk

我的5K 故事 – 和朋友一起跑步的时光


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我的 5K 故事 – 跑步是一种快乐积极的生活方式

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请点击下方链接 阅读Lexington 华人摄影和绘画展观感

为了支持摄影展,莱镇青少年计算机小组正在举办”我最喜爱的照片”投票活动,以及莱镇摄影展寻宝游戏,截止日期 6/30。

Fun Games and Photography Exhibits Sales to Support Cary Library “ChiRP Children’s Room Project”

“Asians in Lexington – One Village, One Dream Photography Exhibition” has been on display at Cary Memorial Library for nearly two months and will soon close on June 30.

With the consent of our generous photographers, we will put most of the photography prints (with frame) on sale for $50 eachAll the proceeds will go to the Cary Library’s “ChiRP Children’s Room Project”. Please check the library’s website for more information about the project. 

Stop by Piper Gallery, Pierce Gallery, and the Large Meeting Room of the library in the next three days to have some fun by voting your favorite photo and participate scavenger hunt game and win a gift card prize.
Feeling inspired? Vote for your favorite photo by 6/30
Feeling adventurous? Play the scavenger hunt game to win a gift card prize!

Visit CAAL Facebook Page to have a peek of the displayed photos.

The sales process for the library ChiRP project is simple: when you visit the photography exhibition, please tell us the title and the serial number of the photos you want to purchase, and your contact information by filling in the google form .

The payment shall be made within 24 hours after filling in the form. We will hand over the photos to you soon after June 30.

Payment methods:PayPal: donation@caal-ma.orgVenmo: @caal Lexington, the last four digits 2775(Please note your name and the serial number of the photos when making payment. We don’t accept cash)

We sincerely hope you would join this fundraising effort to support our beloved Cary Library.


时间:6月25日(周六) 4: 30 – 8: 00PM

Lexington Visitors Center,1875 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA 02420
户外 Outside (带上你的毯子 你的椅子 你的家人你的朋友……)

野餐Picnic (带上你的饮料你的鸡爪你的瓜子你的薯片……)

音乐 Free entrance (无需信用卡无需支票无需现金)


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