Name of AAPI FigureSalman “Sal” Khan
What is the person’s Asian heritage or ethnicity?Bangladeshi and Indian parents
Area of InfluenceEducator
Date of birth or time periodOct 2, 1976 – present
How did this individual make a contribution to their field or to society/culture at large?He created a platform where he upload videos about different topics that are very beneficial to students like me.
What surprised you as you were learning about this person?I read that he started off tutoring his cousin remotely, and that eventually progressed to what we have today. I think it is cool that someone can start from something so simple and get this big.
Resources to share if others want to learn more (optional)–list websites, books, or other resources you used to learn about the personTed Talk –
Submitted byMuztaba Syed
City, StateLexington