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Name of AAPI FigureJosé B. Nísperos
What is the person’s Asian heritage or ethnicity?Filipino and asian american
Area of Influencemilitary
Date of birth or time perioddecember 30,1887
How did this individual make a contribution to their field or to society/culture at large?José was a member of the Philippine Scouts and in the u.s. military army. José was one of the first Filipinos and asian americans to be rewarded with the medal of honor. On september 24, 1911 José had defended his unit’s position by fighting off natives that were armed with spears. He had been badly wounded that day (left arm was broken and lacerated and sadly had spear wounds in his body that caused him severe pain.) Although he was wounded he kept fighting his enemy with one hand in that one hand a small rifle. He had fired his rifle until the enemies were dead.
Why did you choose this person? What about their story speaks to you?I had decided to write about José B. Nísperos because when I had seen his name on a list of asian americans that kids should know about I started to read when I saw that he had fought off native americans with only one usable hand. It showed me how determined he was and how he wasn’t afraid of dying but he was willing to risk it all for his people and for his country.
How does this person inspire you?José B. Nísperos’s story shows that you need to have courage to do the unthinkable and bravery to do the things you know you would never think about doing and when I take a moment to read his story it makes me feel like I can do anything if I put my mind to it and have courage to do it.
What surprised you as you were learning about this person?I was surprised to learn that José B. Nísperos was the first asian american to receive a medal of honor. And that he had fought off native americans that had spears and he was still fighting after he had only one good hand to use. That was really shocking to hear and unbelievable.
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