Name of AAPI FigureJared Cassedy
What is the person’s Asian heritage or ethnicity?South Korean (adopted)
Area of InfluencePerforming Arts Education
How did this individual make a contribution to their field or to society/culture at large?– Only teacher of color in NH – Asian American arts administrator – won grammy in 2015. As an ensemble director and administrator/director of performing arts in both Windham New Hampshire and Lexington Massachusetts, Jared Cassedy has taught and inspired countless students in a variety of ways. Growing up with a south korean identity in a white family, Cassedy began to practice piano at an early age and went to study musical education in college where he learned the importance of teaching and the difference between perfectly playing a piece of music and playing it with passion. He’s taught that difference of perfect to his students and showed them how to empathize with others as a group in an ensemble. Most importantly, Cassedy has shown that music is a vehicle for people to learn more about themselves and that, just as life is not perfect, music is more about overcoming challenges and cherishing life than making things sound pleasant. Cassedy has also made big contributions to fighting racial and LGBTQ+ discrimination and won a GRAMMY award in 2015 as a musical educator.
How does this person inspire you?I have gotten the chance to work with Mr. Cassedy and I’ve seen the difference it makes for many people. He teaches students how to progress in their playing but also in the way they view music. And as an adopted, asian, and gay man, he’s made a huge impact on society and touched many lives for the better.
Submitted byAnonymous
City, StateLexington, MA