What should my entry look like?

Multiple entries are welcome! All submissions should consist of two parts: a visual presentation and a written portion.

  1. Visual or video presentation: 
    1. Submit a drawing, photo, artwork OR 
    2. Make a video (up to 2 mins) or video slideshow that celebrates your person
  2. Written portion:
    • Name of featured person
    • Time period or birth date
      • What is the general (or specific) time period your person lived in?
    • What is the person’s Asian heritage or ethnicity?
    • Area of influence
      • What is the category of influence? e.g. academic/science, the Arts, law/politician, military, business, innovator, activist, etc.
    • Describe the contribution made by this person
      • How did this individual make a contribution to their field or to society/culture at large?
    • Respond to one or more these questions:
      • Why did you choose this person? What about their story speaks to you?
      • How does this person inspire you?
      • What surprised you as you were learning about this person?
    • Resources to share if others want to learn more (optional)–list websites, books, or other resources you used to learn about the person

Who can participate?

Who can I choose to celebrate?

  1. The featured person must be an Asian American: Asian/Asian American Pacific Islander (born or live/have lived in the US).
  2. The person must have made a contribution that significantly impacted their field of work and/or the US community (or internationally). 
  3. Definition of “Asian” or AAPI – Use the US Census Bureau’s definition
    • Asian – A person having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent
    • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander – A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Hawaii, Guam, Samoa, or other Pacific Islands.
    • They can be mixed-race
  4. Past historical figures or living individuals are great, but we encourage you to dig beyond selecting current well-known figures by choosing an individual born before 1950 or who is not a mainstream celebrity.

When and how to submit your entry

  1. Go to this website Proud to Be American for instructions and links to submit your entry.
  2. Entries will be accepted on a rolling basis from April 21 to May 21, 2021.