Patriot Points Walk:
Miles & Smiles Voting

Organized by the Town Celebrations Committee

Patriots’ Day in Lexington
2021 is the 246th Anniversary of the Battle of Lexington

To vote for images, just tap/click on the image you like, which will open another window. In this new window, find the blue “Like button” with the thumbs up, click it, and you’re done!
Click on the image below for a short video tutorial on how to vote:

Below is how to share photos on facebook:

If you would like to share your image to facebook, tap on the image you uploaded, click the blue share button next to like, and click “post to facebook” You can also share through twitter.

Judging is based on 50% community response and 50% Town Celebrations Committee input. Winners will be announced on April 26.

Your Smiles Photos!

Your Miles (GPS) Photos!

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