About Us

Patriots Day Team

The computer science volunteer team is a group of high school volunteers led by Dr. Ding who have worked collaboratively on myriad projects. The current team members are: Trevor Xing-Xie (10th grade), Everest Yang (10th), David Zhao (10th), Ellen Wang (10th), Baoren Liu (9th), Kenneth Lu (8th), Gabriel Sui (11th), Frank Xia (11th), and Albert Lin (11th).

Their very first project was focused on creating a revamped, modern website for the Harrington PTA. The project was a great success, and the team felt proud knowing that their work had a real-life impact. Their efforts were also acknowledged by the PTA co-presidents and broadcasted to the Harrington community.

In another project, the team used Python to carry out data analysis on funds awarded by the CEL (Community Endowment of Lexington). The team is currently undertaking their largest project to date for the Patriots’ Points Walk. Using computer science, the team is working on creating registration and voting services for the event. In the future, the computer science volunteer team hopes to continue working on such public projects, and they look forward to applying their skills to serve the Lexington community.

Registration/Voting team:

Trevor Xing-Xie(Team Leader)

Hi! My name is Trevor and I’m a sophomore at Lexington High School. I joined the Lexington Computer Science Team in its early stages, and feel lucky to have enjoyed its opportunities and enrichment throughout all of our projects, including the exciting upcoming Patriot Points Walk. Being obsessed with computer games at a young age, I had been introduced to computer science early, but didn’t become interested in it until high school. These days I enjoy watching and playing soccer, volleyball, and video games.

Baoren Liu

Hi, my name is Baoren Liu and I’m 14 years old, studying in LHS. My hobbies are programming, playing video games and listening to music. I first started my programming journey in 6th grade, learning to make simple websites. Then as time goes on, I’m more and more enthusiastic about computers. Many of my memorable days are times when I did something very cool. I’ve hosted my own website, made Android apps and uploaded them to stores, and I learned all these by myself. It has always been fun learning about computers.

Everest Yang

Hi! I’m Everest Yang, a sophomore at Lexington High School. My favorite subjects are computer science, debate and drama. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies and spending time with family. I also enjoy playing tennis with my friends. I am thankful I had the opportunity to work on the Patriots Day project. It was a great experience and I really appreciate my teammates and Professor Ding. I look forward to participating in future projects for the community!

Interactive Map Team:

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Gabriel Sui

I am a 16 year old junior at Belmont High School. I study competitive math, play tennis, and play piano. I have learned how to code and participated in competitions for 4 years. I enjoy helping others and spending time with my friends. I appreciate the opportunity given to me to be able to learn while supporting the community.

Kenneth Lu

My name is Kenneth Lu, I am an eighth grader at Clarke Middle School. I enjoy doing computer science, robotics, and competitive mathematics. I enjoyed working on the Patriots Day Miles and Smiles project, and it was a great experience.

Albert Lin

Hi! I’m Albert Lin, a junior at Lexington High School. My favourite subjects are computer science and history. I am a supporter of the Houston Rockets, even though we’re pretty bad now. I am thankful for this opportunity to work on the project, and I had a lot of fun doing it! I look forward to doing other projects for the community sometime in the future.

Hotspots team:

David Zhao

Hi I am David Zhao, a sophomore at Lexington High School. I am a huge Patriots fan(the football patriots, not the militia patriots) and I can basically name every player on it. In school, my favorite subjects are computer science, biology, and gym. Outside of school you might see me playing frisbee with my friends in the center. I had the opportunity to work on the Patriots Day miles project, and it was a good experience. Hope to see you around someday. 

Ellen Wang

Hi this is Ellen Wang, I am a sophomore at Lexington High School. My favorite subjects are biology, computer science, and English. I enjoy fencing and writing for my school newspaper. I participated in the Patriots Day Miles and Smiles project and it was a great experience to use my computer programming skills and serve the community.

Frank Xia

Hi, my name is Frank, I’m Junior studying at LCA. My favourite subjects are history and chemistry. And in my leisure time , I enjoy reading books or playing video games. I’m excited about the upcoming patriots event and happy to take part in it.