The 3rd Boston Asian International Music Festival of 2023/ 2023“第三届波士顿亚洲国际音乐节“正式启动,期待您的参与!

The Asian Music Festival is a free and open cultural exchange platform that not only spreads the music cultures of various Asian countries to the community, allowing more people to appreciate the charm of Asian music, but also allows community residents to enjoy high-quality music performances right at their doorstep. The festival last year attracted numerous music enthusiasts from surrounding towns and the city of Boston. The 2022 music festival had a total 5,000 on-site audience members and 150,000 online viewers.

The 20203 Asian Music festival hosted by New Moon International, Chinese American Association of Lexington – CAAL, Belmont Chinese American AssociationActon Chinese-American Civic SocietyWestonWestar, and the Boston International Media Consultation will take place in the following dates and locations:

– June 17:Lexington

– June 18:Belmont

– June 24:Acton

– June25:Weston


The earlier you register, the longer the rehearsal time, and the greater the chance of being selected by the directorial team. Use this link to submit your demo.

Business Sponsorship:

Come and participate in the festival as a sponsor, and let us work together to create a more vibrant and diverse community. Email us at

Please read this article for more information.

大波士顿地区亚裔人群最大型、覆盖面最广、观看率最高的波士顿亚洲国际音乐节来了!Come to Join us !