The Play “Interconnect” at Cary Hall was a success!

Audiences came to Cary Hall with a full house on Saturday April 8 and watched the play “Interconnect” with great interest and enthusiasm. The 6-act play with 200 performers told the stories of the Chinese American community in Lexington and the Greater Boston area. Their trailblazer initiatives and spirit of love have built connections and communities in times of crisis. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Chinese American Association of Lexington. This is the first event that kicks off the celebration of Patriot’s Day, and the May AAPI Heritage Month.

Here are some audience comments after the show:

“Thank you so much! I will read the script with great interest and for a fuller understanding of what was happening. It was wonderful to sit among so many people understanding Chinese so fluently, and to hear it spoken in so many contexts. (My husband and I have a daughter adopted from China at the age of 1, who is now 29, and grew up in Lexington).” – Pat Moyer

“Thank you for inviting us to last night’s performance. It was a great historical exhibition of how CAAL evolved from a minor volunteering group of Chinese Americans to present day a very heavy weight organization in the Lexington community Thanks to you all for putting so much time and energy into an important show. I invited a neighbor from Brookhaven to go with us, she was very impressed with the performance. CAAL, you have come a long way!!! Thanks to people like you.” – Sophia Ho

“I thoroughly enjoyed the show–I didn’t realize, Nick, that you not only wrote and directed, but also starred in it. I’m glad it was such a success.” – Suzanne Adams

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