Congratulation to CAAL for receiving the “2022 UCA Outstanding Chinese American Organization Award”

It was such an honor for the CAAL delegation to receive the “2022 UCA Outstanding Chinese American Organization Award” at the United Chinese Americans Convention on July 14-16 in Washington DC.

CAAL’s Youth Programs received the “Certificate of Achievements”.

CAAL Co-president Melanie Lin received the “Outstanding Community and Public Service” Award.

CAAL has been proudly serving Lexington and the Chinese American community for the past four decades since 1983. With the rapid influx of Chinese families, CAAL has doubled its efforts to work with the town, the school system, and a host of community organizations.

During the pandemic, CAAL has undertaken an epic $280,000 COVID relief campaign for the Lexington community and beyond. CAAL was also known for its “CAAL for Cary Fundraising of $75,000”. CAAL has been recognized as the most impactful town level community organization in the country.

Among the many events CAAL organized, Lunar New Year celebration and candidate forum are CAAL’s tradition of decades. More events like AAPI celebration series, 5K run/walk and Asian Music Festival have also become our traditions. We could not have done all these without the support of our community and our most wonderful volunteers!