Reflections on the 2022 UCA Convention /美国华人联合的公民行动

10 CAAL EC members and youth representatives joined UCA-MA delegation attended the United Chinese Americans Convention on July 14-16 in Washington DC. Over 600 people attended the convention and exchanged ideas around forging authentic Chinese-American identities and building a civically active community..

Click this link to read CAAL Youth member Willian Zhang’s report and reflection about this convention:

“2022 年 7 月 14 日至 7 月 16 日我有幸参加了在华盛顿特区举行的第三届美国华人 (UCA) 大会,开阔了我的对社区志愿服务实践活动的视野,加深了我对华裔青少年参与义工项目来参与公民行动的理解。” –  William Zhang, CAAL Youth Programs