CAAL Community Service and PVSA Information Seminar was held on July 31, 2022/【莱镇英雄出少年 2022年度CAAL华协“总统义工奖”评选说明】

For 39 years, CAAL has been supporting and encouraging younger generations to give back to the community, especially with the establishment of the Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) seven years ago. Members from CAAL Community Service Committee introduced twelve CAAL youth programs and a whole range of opportunities to participate in community service that are organized, sponsored or recognized by CAAL, in collaboration with the town and community organizations. Student leaders shared their volunteering experiences with the students and parents.

Here are the 2022 CAAL PVSA Seminar presentation video and slides, and PVSA application forms. Please submit your application between Sept 1-Sept 30, 2022.

一年一度的CAAL华协“总统义工奖”评选说明讲座7月31日晚上在线召开。华协社区服务委员会青少年项目负责之一Judy Qiao,华协社区服务委员会主任Wendy Qin、Leeying Wu、Liying Kuang,主持和参加了讲座。他们为听众讲解了总统义工奖评选的流程和变化以及历届总统义工奖的获奖情况。   两位获得2021年总统义工奖的青年学生及一名刚刚参加美国华人联合大会的学生William Zhang和他妈妈在线分享了他们在为社区做义工服务时的心得体会。详情请看下面公众号文章