AAPI Banner Display in Lexington Town Center and Cary Memorial Library

In honor of AAPI Heritage Month (May), Lexington will display banners uplifting Asian American and Pacific Islanders’ contributions, sacrifices and accomplishments that are woven into the tapestry of our great nation. Look for the banners in Lexington Center along Mass. Avenue and at Cary Library through the month of May.  

Each banner celebrates a significant historical event or person that has enriched our society. This year, a set of banners will be introduced with a plan to add more banners and increase representation in future years.  

This is a collaborative project by Lexington AAPI groups: BALex, CAAL, CALex, IAL, JPLex, KOLex. Sponsored by Community Endowment of Lexington. Please consider donating to this project at www.LexAAPI.org to help honor our AAPI heritage.  

为庆祝五月亚太裔传统月,莱镇将在镇中心和图书馆展示一系列条幅宣扬亚太裔为这个伟大的国家做出的贡献, 牺牲和取得的成就。每个条幅都代表一个对社会有重要影响的个人和历史事件。在今年展示基础之上未来还会增加更多的条幅。   这个项目由Lexington AAPI Groups:BALex, CAAL, CALex, IAL, JPLex, KOLex 合作举办,并获Community Endowment of Lexington 的赞助。   如果您想了解更多详情和捐款支持这个项目, 请访问www.LexAAPI.org