CAAL PAC and CAAL Candidate Forum will be held at 8 pm on Feb 3

Like Lunar New Year celebration, candidate forum is another CAAL tradition of decades. Join us Thurs, Feb. 3, 8pm over Zoom for this year’s forum. CAAL PAC will announce our endorsements after the forum.

2月3日周四晚八点,CAAL和CAAL PAC将举办2022线上候选人论坛,邀请镇Select Board, School Committee,  Planning Board候选人和大家见面,回答我们社区关心的问题。
今年 Select Board 和 Planning Board 是等额选举,但 School Committee是差额选举,三选二。学校和学区是我们社区关心的大头。希望此次侯选人论坛能帮助大家在了解候选人的背景,经历,以及竞选理念后,投出你的一票。

CAAL PAC 要在会后决定背书哪个候选人, 欢迎大家会后留下发表意见, 让CAAL PAC 有机会听取社区反馈。谢谢!