Virtual – Chinese American Experience – Navigating Today’s World, Dec 15 at 7 pm

On Wednesday Dec 15th at 7 pm, the Cary Library will be showing a live webinar using a panel of local Lexington Chinese American residents to discuss their experience of living in America. The panel members range from seniors who have live in the US as well as in Lexington for more than half a century to more recent immigrants from China as well as young person who are born, raised, and going to school here.

Given the large Asian population in town and in local schools, this can be a good opportunity for everyone in Lexington to tune in and get to know each other and this significant minority population in town.

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12月15号晚,莱镇的老中青三代华裔居民期盼和您一起畅谈中华文化, 分享他们在这个北美新大陆的经历和故事,探讨高分书籍“Interior Chinatown”的深意, 回顾华裔悠久的美国移民历史和杰出的社会贡献,展望现阶段纷繁复杂下的融入与幸福。我们殷切希望听到您的问题,或者是分享和建议!