Proud to be American Celebrating Asian American Pacific Islanders – Kalpana Chawla

Among many childhood dreams, few are as grand as becoming an astronaut. Kalpana Chawla had a love of flying from an early age and channeled her passion into studying aeronautical engineering and became the first woman of Indian descent to fly into space. Being the first to pave a path is easier said than done. For her work opening these doors, a series of satellites, a dorm and engineering building at her alma mater, and a Northrup Grumman spacecraft delivering cargo to the space station are all named after her. Today, her legacy stands as a beacon for many young aspiring people; whether it is in space science or other big dreams. Her life story reminds us not to be afraid of dreaming big. It is exciting to be witness to the small moments when a young person spotlights someone they admire and someone they aspire to be someday.

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