$5,000 CAAL Matching Fund for Lexington COVID-19 Management Fund !

【CAAL 募捐挑战更新2/20/2021】自二月六日 CAAL 发起面向莱镇社区为 LEF COVID-19 Management Fund 的募捐挑战以来,十天之内捐款已达$5,691 !加上 CAAL 的$5,000 匹配,LEF 将收到这次募捐挑战活动的上万元捐赠, 占总捐款额的25%。LEF 和 CAAL 感谢大家为共建健康社区的慷慨解囊,寒冷的冬季因为有热心的你们而充满阳光!春暖花开之日即将来临, 祝大家健康平安,牛年大吉!

CAAL has raised $5,691 from Lexington Community as of Feb 20 and only 10 days since calling for donation for LEF COVID-19 Management Fund . This together with the $5,000 matching fund from CAAL, LEF will receive more than $100,000 donations. Our donations (from individual and CAAL’s match) contributed close to 25% of the total collected donations. LEF and CAAL thank the Lexington community for their generosity and kindness.