CAAL fundraising challenge – $5,000 CAAL Matching Fund For Lexington COVID-19 Management Fund!

Lexington Public School (LPS) started a comprehensive saliva-based testing program in conjunction with Mirimus Clinical Labs in the week of January 11th. Testing is expensive and LPS resources are not unlimited; eight (8) weeks of staggered testing in LPS is expected to cost upwards of $200,000. Community donations towards the cost of this program will help preserve resources allocated to educational programming and curriculum at the schools.CAAL is working closely with Lexington Education Foundation (LEF) to raise money for the testing program. Donations to this fund should be viewed as an investment in safety that provides a community benefit to all and all donations are fully tax-deductible. CAAL will match all donations 1:1 up to $5,000.

Click here to access the LEF donation portal (LEF COVID-19 Management Fund) directly. Please make sure that you enter “CAAL” under “organization name” so we can correctly capture donations raised under this challenge and promptly execute CAAL’s 1:1 fund matching.

Thank you very much for donating to this important cause for our community!