From Foundations to Frontiers – Virtual Talk 美国华人的历史贡献

Join us for the presentation, “From Foundations to Frontiers”, a landmark study of the enduring contributions of Chinese Americans to American society from the 1800s to today.The evidence-driven study details the contribution across the following seven industries: Arts&Culture, Civil Rights, Public Service and Politics, Business Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Infrastructure, Military & National Security, Public Health, and Science & Technology.Presented by Committee of 100 President Zhengyu Huang, this virtual presentation will provoke curiosity and offer a new perspective on Chinese American contributions, while identifying, quantifying and showcasing the contributions of the Chinese American community through data and storytelling.

The event is organized by Committee of 100, United Chinese Americans – UCA, Chineseamerican-civic-association, Chinese American Association of Lexington (CAAL) and other influential Chinese American Organizations.