Another CAAL Youth Program: Helpful Hands Project

With the current COVID-19 situation, Helpful Hands is focused on mask-masking but in the future it can be extended to other items or services based on the community’s needs. Since the establishment of Helpful Hands, the program has made 300+ masks over the course of 5 deliveries to local homeless shelters.  At the moment, we have some group members but are looking for more sewers to join us with the mask making effort. No matter whether you are a senior, adult or young person, you are welcome to our group. You can also help us by donating to the program’s PayPal account  This will help by covering the cost of sewing materials. CAAL will match up to $500. 
节日将近,援助之手计划在感恩节和新年之前向当地无家可归者收留中心再交送两批口罩。如果您有感动,也可以用Paypal 账户为helpfulhandsma@gmail.com提供捐助,用以老人和青少年义工购买口罩制作的材料。CAAL会match up to $500。感兴趣参加者,请联系我们:helpfulhandsma@lincdavidgmail-com

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