LexMedia Video: CAAL Dragon Marching Unit in Patriots Day Parade

LexMedia made this beautiful video (link below) for CAAL to share with the Community. Enjoy!


This year, Lexington’s Patriots’ Day Parade had a new addition. Among the American flags and colonial attire, a giant red dragon wove between floats, attracted audiences of all ages.

 “Here it comes, the dragon is interacting and sending blessings to the kids.”  Dragon is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck in Chinese culture. Operated by members of the Chinese American Association of Lexington (CAAL), dragon showcased Lexington’s vibrant and active Chinese community. 

 The Dragon team members have practiced for a couple of months to prepare its debut on this Patriots Day. The CAAL marching unit was led by an American flag, an elegant CAAL banner, and accompanied with drum and nice performance by CAAL Youth Music Ensemble. Following the dragon were the marchers holding small American flags, some wearing Chinese costumes.

 Lexington is a particularly open and welcoming place. With support from the town and active participation from the community, Chinese Americans have increased their representation in town government and school affairs. We are delighted and proud to be part of the social fabric here and an integral part of the increasingly multicultural Lexington community.