Annual CAAL Candidate Forum

The first Monday in March is Lexington’s annual election day. All town wide positions, as well as Town Meeting positions, are open for election. This year, there are multiple positions with more candidates contesting for the same position: 3 candidates for 1 position on Planning Board, 3 candidates for 2 three-year term position on Board of Selectmen, and 4 candidates for 1 one-year term position on Board of Selectmen. For School Committee, it is 2 for 2: 2 candidates for 2 positions.

Every year around this time, CAAL and CAAL PAC will run a Candidate Forum, where we invite town wide candidates to come and meet our community. We aim to provide an opportunity for our community to get to know the candidates better, why they are running, what they plan to achieve, and answer questions we care about. Right after the forum, the PAC will discuss and decide on the endorsement by voting. Candidates are eager to come to our forum, because the voting rate in our community is increasing and our past track record shows that our endorsed candidates have fared very well in the elections 

As announced before, this year’s Candidate Forum will be held on Saturday 1/19 from 1:00pm – 4:50pm, in Room 237 at Community Center. We welcome everyone to come and get to know these candidates, so you can be an informed voter on 3/4.