EdCAAL Held Seminar: The USA Biology Olympiad and DOE National Science Bowl

With Lexington schools in session, LHS students begin tothink about their choices in extra-curricular activities – what to pick, whereto devote their boundless energy, and who they want to do these activitieswith. EdCAAL (Education Subcommittee of CAAL) is fortunate enough to haveCatherine Wang, a LHS graduate and a Stanford rising sophomore, to give a talkabout her high school experience in pursuing the DOE’s (Dept. of Energy) NationalScience Bowl as well as USABO (USA Biology Olympiad). The Saturday afternoonevent was in high demand with tickets sold out in a few days. More than 100parents and kids attended the seminar. The event also raised $2000 fromadmission fees and sponsorships, in which $500 will go to the LHS Science BowlTeam, and $1500 to the USABO. Read the Post Event Report by Sherry Zhu.