CAAL Co-hosted Lexington Community Coalition Welcome Coffee

莱克星顿屯面对新家庭的社区咖啡见面会从今年五月开始每月如期举行。CAAL 一直积极派代表参加。镇上所有的核心社区服务组织和团体一起现场回答大家关于镇里,小学、初中、高中,以及社区服务资源和设施的各类问题。

The purpose of Lexington’s Community Coalition is to support a welcoming community that values wellness, inclusivity, respect, empathy, responsibility, compassion, community, kindness, and peace.

The Lexington Community Coalition includes town and school departments, individual volunteers, and community organizations who collaborate to align resources to support youth (and their families). Specifically, we are working together to: Reduce alcohol & substance use; Decrease atmosphere of competition; Support mental health for youth & families。

Learn more on Facebook: Lexington Community Coalition – Youth Initiative