Mission (目标)

Join CAAL, Get Involved, and

Give Back to Our Community!



  • CAAL is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization and has proudly served Chinese Americans in town since 1983.
  • With the influx of Chinese families to the town in recent years, CAAL has been actively serving Lexington and Chinese American community in the following areas:
    • Making a difference in Lexington civic life
    • Sharing Chinese culture and heritage
    • Supporting schools and education
    • Promoting community service
    • Providing social and networking opportunities
    • Advocating for social justice and equality


  • 服务华人社区,參与莱克星敦镇的事务,尤其是公立学校教育,地方选举和文化活动
  • 为会员提供参与莱克星敦镇运作,社区服务和社交活动的机会