Executive Committee

  • Elected and appointed members work to set the overall direction of CAAL; they establish the annual budget, supervise spending, and lead monthly meetings.


CAAL is an all-volunteer organization. We welcome participation in all our activities and encourage members to join any of the following subcommittees. Please email CAAL if you would like to become involved and support our initiatives:

  • Community Task Force (Chair: Ruixi Yuan) 
    Coordinates civic-related activities with the focus on increasing member participation at town-wide elections
  • Member Service Subcommittee (Chair: Wei Ding)
    Drives membership and plans social events within the organization
  • Education Subcommittee (Chair: Mai Yang)
    Supports events on school-related topics and provides liaisons between CAAL and the parent-teacher organizations at each school
  • Community Services Subcommittee (Co-Chairs: Wendy Qin, Leeying Wu)
    Organizes volunteers during CAAL organized and supported events; Oversee youth programs and administers our Presidential Volunteer Service Award
  • Culture Subcommittee (Chair: Diamond Hayes; Vice Chair: Qian Hu)
    Plans events to promote Chinese culture, advocate diversity, and foster cultural exchange

Current Executive Committee Members:

  • Officers

President: Weidong Wang

Vice President: Hua Wang

Secretary, Director of Operations and Communications: Melanie Lin

Treasurer: Sharon Liu

  • Sub-Committee Chairs

Ruixi Yuan, Wei Ding, Mai Yang, Wendy Qin, Leeying Wu, Diamond Hayes

  • At Large Members

Peter Lee (Past President), Larry Ho, Xiaomei Zhuang, Lawrence Chen

  • Exoffcio Member (non-voting)

Eileen Jay 


  • 执行委员会:包括被选举出的管理人员,前主席,和被任命的各委员会主席及社区代表; 通过月度会议统筹和管理这个组织,批准年度预算和监督预算执行。


CAAL 是由一批热心社区的志愿者管理运作的。我们诚意欢迎您参加CAAL 的活动。如果您对参与以下任何一个委员会感兴趣, 欢迎电邮

  • 社区参与委员会 (主任: 袁睿翕) :负责參与镇的事务和社区活动;鼓励CAAL成员参与各项选举及镇的管理运作
  • 会员服务委员会 (主任: 丁薇):负责会员登记和组织社交联谊活动
  • 教育委员会 (主任: 杨迈):负责组织和公立學校教育相关的活动;鼓励CAAL参与學校的运作及家长委员会
  • 社区服务委员会 (主任: 秦文音,伍丽英):组织志愿者参与CAAL组织和所支持社区项目;管理青少年义工项目及颁发社区服务总统奖
  • 文化委员会 (主任: 王黛蒙; 副主任: 胡倩):负责组织宣扬中国文化的活动;增强多元化教育以及文化交流


  管理人员:主席: 王卫东; 副主席: 王华; 执行秘书: 林小梅; 财务: 刘霄虹

  下属委员会主任: 袁睿翕, 丁薇, 杨迈, 秦文音,伍丽英, 王黛蒙

  社区代表:李波平(前主席), 何毓琦, 庄晓湄, Lawrence Chen

  观察员: 谢淑真(现任学区董事会成员)