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2021 莱镇春晚中美创新时报报道

2021 莱镇春晚今日头条报道

2021 Lexington’s Lunar New Year Goes Virtual to Celebrate Year of the Ox

2020 [Colonial Times] CAAL Says “Thank you, Lexington” for COVID-19 Relief Campaign 

2020 [Lexington Minuteman] Students donate thousands to local food pantry

2020 Hua Wang Supporting the COVID-19 Frontline in Wuhan and Massachusetts

CAAL is Community Endowment of Lexington’s 2020 Grantee

2020 [Lexington Minuteman] Amid Pandemic, Lexington Chinese American Groups raised thousands, unite community

2020 [Lexington Minuteman] As Virus grows, Lexington fights back!

2020 [Lexington Minuteman] Lexington Welcomes Year of the Rat with Lunar New Year Show 

2019 [Lexington Minuteman] Lexington’s Asian American community among the area’s fastest growing

2019 [Lexington Minuteman] Cary Hall fills for Lunar New Year show in Lexington

2019【世界日报】勒星頓華洋 歡度春晚慶新年

2019 [Lexington Minuteman] Lexington to ring in Year of the Pig with largest Lunar New Year celebration yet

2019 [Lexington Minuteman] Chinese American Association of Lexington Host Candidate Forum

2018 [Lexington Minuteman] LETTER: METCO College Scholarship Fund Thanks Community

2018【世界日报】莱顿华人庆新年, 盼【一个村庄,一个梦想】

2018 [Minuteman Newspaper] One Village, One Dream, Lexington Celebrates Chinese New Year

2017 [Minuteman Newspaper] Outstanding Youth, Minuteman Cane, and White Tricorne Hat awards presented in Lexington

2017 [世界新闻网】 勒星頓華協文化日 人潮洶湧

2017 Interview with Peter Lee

2016 Interview Sophie and Larry Ho 

2016 [世界新闻网】 勒星顿华协年会,五人获总统义工奖

2016 Chinese Community Set Fundraising Record Raising $75 K for Cary Memorial Library

2016 [Minuteman Newspaper] Lexington Celebrates the 2016 Chinese New Year!

2015 CCTV 新闻视频【华人世界】 美国, 莱克星顿市新年晚会 中国文化深受欢迎