Civil Engagement

Formerly known as Community Task Force (CTF)

Coordinates and promotes civic engagement with the focus on increasing member participation in town activities, elections and operations
社区参与委员会: 协调和鼓励华人融入社区, 积极参与镇的各项活动,选举及管理运作

Town Meeting Members:

Peter Lee, Weidong Wang, Geoffrey Xiao, Hongbin Luo, Gang Chen, Henry Lau, Eileen Jay, Lawrence Chan, Stanley Yap, Lin Jenson

Elected Office:

Housing Authority: Weidong Wang

School Committee: Eileen Jay


Committees and Organizations

Diversity Task Force: Weidong Wang, Hua Wang

Town Manager Search Screening Committee: Melanie Lin

Celebration Committee: Wei Ding

Comprehensive Plan Committee: Ruixi Yuan

Recreation Committee: Ruixi Yuan

Council on Aging: John Zhao

Appropriation Committee: Helen Yang, Lily Yan

Communications Advisory Committee: Geoffrey Xiao

Community Endowment of Lexington: Yuci Ma, Wei Ding

Lexington Historic Society: Hua Wang
Tourism Committee: Leeying Wu
20/20 Vision Committee: Peter Lee
20/20 Vision Committee/Sub Committee on Asian Communities: Faith Lin, Bin Zhou
Lexington Education Foundation: Sherry Zhu
Lexington Council for the Arts: Faith Lin

Cary Memorial Library Foundation: Hua Wang
Community Center Program Advisory Committee: Jun Zhou
Community Coalition – Youth Initiative Steering Committee: Eileen Jay
Lexington Asian Community Alliance: Eileen Jay, Peter Lee, Gwen Wong
Lexington Youth Family Service Multicultural Advisory Board: Huayu Xiong

Lexington Housing Assistance Board (LexHAB): Henry Lau

LexMedia: Peter Lee
LexFarm: Katherine Huang, Ping Shen