Patriot Day Project

  1. Project Summary
  2. Forminator Plugin
  3. Frontend Uploader Plugin
  4. Justified Image Grid Plugin
  5. Interactive Map
  6. Story of the project

Project Summary

This project was for Patriots’ Points Walk event. It includes functions such as uploading images with description, display the photos in a gallery, voting system, and making interactive map.

Documentation & tutorials

The following parts will tell you details about the plugins we’ve used in this project, and how to use them.

Registration form – Forminator plugin

Forminator is one of the easiest and most popular ways to create a form on wordpress. The miles and smiles registration forms on the Patriots Day website were made using the forminator plugin.

Location: Forminator can be accessed from wordpress and it’s on the left sidebar usually near the bottom (admin & editor)

In order to access user submissions, click the 3 dots next to a created form. User submissions can be exported as a CSV file by clicking the export button at the top-right.

The information and features available for each form include:

  • Title – The name of the form.
  • Draft/Published – The form’s current status. Draft Forms are not available to the public until they have been published and inserted into a page or post using shortcode.
  • Last Submission – The last day or time a published form was submitted.
  • Edit – Click Edit to access the form editor for the selected form.
  • Admin features (Gear icon) – Clicking the gear icon opens a drop-down menu that contains the following admin features:
  • Preview – Click to see a Preview of the form in a popup window.
  • Copy Shortcode – Copy the shortcode, then paste it into any page or post where you want the form to appear.
  • Publish/Unpublish – This will publish draft forms, or conversely, revert published forms to draft status.
  • View Submissions – View the submission data for the respective form.
  • Duplicate – Click to copy an entire form and all its settings. The duplicate form will appear at the bottom of the list.
  • Reset Tracking Data – Click this to reset the user views and conversions data for a form, which only affects form data. User information collected for marketing purposes will not be affected.
  • Export – Click the link and Forminator will display the form in code that can then be copied and pasted into the Forminator import tool on any site.
  • Delete – Click to delete a form forever.

The forminator fields include: 

Name, email, phone, address, website, input-field (text input), text area field, number field, file upload field and many other specific fields shown in the image down below.

This is some brief information on forminator. The official documentation is very detailed and someone trying to understand the entire plug in should definitely look at it.

Here is an example of a form on the Patriots Day Miles and Smiles website created using Forminator.

Image Upload Form – Frontend Uploader Plugin

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Image Display and Image Voting – Justified Image Grid Plugin

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Interactive Map

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Write the story of our project