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    New Co-Sponsor and Judge for Immigration Story Art & Writing Event

    We are excited to announce that the Lexington Lyceum Advocate has joined as a co-sponsor for our upcoming Immigration Story Art Exhibition and Storytelling Event. The Lyceum’s mission to promote lifelong learning and “explore connections to contemporary social justice” resonates deeply with this celebration of diverse immigrant narratives in our community.

    Additionally, we are honored to welcome Kathleen Dalton as a judge for the written story submissions. Dalton, best known for her 2002 work “Theodore Roosevelt: A Strenuous Life,” brings invaluable literary expertise honed over a career spanning history teaching, academic roles, and consulting with institutions like the National Park Service and Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum.

    With the Lyceum Advocates’ co-sponsorship and Dalton’s participation, this event will create an “inclusive and intercultural space” envisioned in their mission. We look forward to showcasing powerful visual and literary works capturing the resilience, hopes, and journeys of immigrants who now call Lexington home.

    Together, we will build a vibrant and brilliant community of red, white, and blue!

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    As a prelude to Lexington’s 250th anniversary celebration, the Lexington Council for the Arts (LCA) and Chinese American Association Lexington (CAAL) are inviting residents to submit writings and paintings depicting the immigrant experience – an important part of the town’s history.

    This celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion by providing a platform for powerful stories of courage, resilience, and pursuing the American dream.

    Submission categories are: Children (12 and under), Youth (13-17), and Adults for both writing (under 2000 words) and painting (11×14, 12×16, or 16×20 inches).

    A panel will judge all entries due by May 1st. Winning works will be featured at a public exhibition and storytelling event in late May during AAPI and Jewish American Heritage Month.

    For more information, contact Elizabeth Xu ( exu@caal-ma.org ) or visit http://caal-ma.org/immigrationstories. Check back frequently for the latest announcements and updates on this event celebrating Lexington’s immigrant history and culture.