Name of AAPI FigureJeremy Lin
What is the person’s Asian heritage or ethnicity?Taiwanese American
Area of InfluenceSports
Date of birth or time period23-Aug-88
How did this individual make a contribution to their field or to society/culture at large?Jeremy Lin was an NBA basketball player from 2010-2019. He was the first Asian-American to play in the NBA, and was the first Asian-American to win an NBA championship. In the prime of Jeremy Lin’s career, he averaged about 14 points per game. He is most famous for a time in his career called “Linsanity”, where Lin score 20 points per game on a nightly basis, leading the New York Knicks to a few wins. This led to a massive amount of Asians attending Knicks games and having a larger interest in basketball. Lastly, Jeremy Lin has been a strong supporter of Asian Pride, speaking against Asian hate that he has experienced as a basketball player. Lin hopes that in the future, Asians would be accepted as humans.
Why did you choose this person? What about their story speaks to you?I chose Jeremy Lin due to my interest in basketball. I remember when I was little my dad would always watch the Houston Rockets, not because he was a Rockets fan, but because Lin played for the rockets. I heard that he was pretty good. That’s when I realized that he was the only Asian that was playing at that game. I am proud of the fact that Lin broke through many stereotypes and became one of the best basketball players in the world. He inspired many Asians to also break through cultural bonds and made me feel more comfortable playing basketball.
Resources to share if others want to learn more (optional)–list websites, books, or other resources you used to learn about the person
Submitted byJaden Leung
City, StateLexington, MA