UCA Calls on All Americans to Avoid Divisive, Racial or Racist Terms for the New Coronavirus, COVID-19, and Defeat the Virus as One Nation

United Chinese Americans (UCA), a national coalition of Chinese Americans in more than 30 states, calls on the American news media, public figures and the American public to refrain from using terms such as “China virus,” “Chinese virus,” “Wuhan virus,” or “Asian virus” to describe the new coronavirus, COVID-19. Such terms often misinform and misguide the public in the fight against this virus, and could lead to bigotry, inflame hatred and even incite violence against Chinese and Asian Americans, as has already been widely reported. 

UCA will further monitor developments and call out any public figure or institution who continues to use the term “Chinese virus” or its other variants, until such wanton usage ceases. 

As recently as this past week, and one full month since the World Health Organization (WHO) officially designated the virus’ nomenclature as COVID-19, we unfortunately still hear many public figures and well-known organizations using geographical- and race-specific terms to describe it, despite the fact that the virus infects all races of people and has spread to more than 100 countries. That list includes President Donald Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, U.S. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Senator Tim Cotton, Senator Rick Scott, and Fox News. “Continuing to use such terms is wrong, and is unacceptable,” said Haipei Shue, president of UCA. “The virus has a name, and that’s the name that ought to be used.”

In a multiethnic democracy like ours, where Chinese Americans have historically been singled out as objects of racism and xenophobia and subjected to damning stereotypes, and at a time when we need our whole society to work together to defeat COVID-19, we must avoid or stop insensitive, divisive, stigmatizing, racial or racist remarks and acts, as we come together to defeat this virus as one nation. 
UCA Co-signs on Letter to Denounce Racism


继莱镇华协组织大家为武汉募捐的活动后, 我们的重心转移到关注马萨诸塞州,波士顿, 莱镇社区冠状病毒发展状况和我们自身的健康保护. 

截至三月八日,马萨诸塞州报告的冠状病毒病例已跃升至28例,其中一例在莱镇的Bowman学区。莱镇华协和镇上及学区保持联系,在这里我们把社区最新预防消息整理提供给大家. 请点击阅读 莱镇华协关于社区冠状病毒的信息汇总和通报

CAAL PAC Supported Candidates Introduction Series

In the past week, CAAL PAC has introduced to Chinese American community the five candidates who run for town wide offices this year. CAAL PAC thank the candidates who responded to our questionnaire. After reviewing the responses, CAAL PAC endorsed the candidacy of all five candidates. Below are the biography and responses from these candidates:

Select Board Candidates:

Mark Sandeen

Doug Lucente

School Committee Candidate:

Sara Cuthbertson

Planning Board Candidates:

Bob Creech

Charles Horning

A Letter of Support to Our Friends in the Chinese American and Chinese Communities:

A heartwarming letter from the Jewish Community:

Dear Friends,

We are writing to express our heartfelt solidarity with you during these tense and troubling times.

We are concerned about rising xenophobia aimed at Chinese people in this country and abroad over the COVID-19 “coronavirus”. We know that in such times, concern can quickly turn into hysteria, which can lead to scapegoating. We pledge to help ensure that Chinese people feel safe and supported, and to combat attacks and stereotyping on social media. We know from history, ours and yours, that such fearmongering can be devastating. Read more

众志成城,抗击疫情 – 莱镇华协(CAAL)及合作团队筹款达13万美元,和WeStar联盟运送医疗物资七批


目前莱镇华协(CAAL)及合作团队收到捐款及援助物资达13万美元。为了最快最有效的帮助到奋战在疾区的医护人员,华协团队和WeStar战略合作伙伴争分夺秒为疫区医院筹集医疗物资,Westar 联盟已运送了七批医疗物资去国内几十个急需的医院。阅读更多


感谢您为抗击新冠肺炎的爱心捐款!2月3日晚,莱镇华协CAAL和WeStar战略合作伙伴的义工们打包分发第四批援助武汉和其他地区的医疗物资总共129箱,其中有莱镇华协贡献的61箱。这批物资将带着波士顿华人对国内同胞满满的爱通过WeStar组织的直通渠道送往国内五个急需防护物资的医院。目前华协共捐出24,240个口罩,总额 $15,200.42。加油,武汉!加油,中国! 阅读更多


这几天莱镇华协 CAAL 一直在与麻州各华协及华人组织共同协商,为支援武汉积极行动。目前已确定两个渠道:
1. Weston华协的WeStar 团队有武汉志愿者,有直接联系人负责国内到武汉的物流协调,团队执行力强,已经完成两批多达1万5千美元物资的购买发送,预计下周分别到达武汉。
2. Winchester 和 Sharon 华协已通过跨国医疗器械公司Thermo Fisher 在中国下单超万美元,从全球厂家直接供货,购买口罩、防护眼镜、防护手套、防护服等,通过可靠的志愿者渠道尽最快速度,直接运送到武汉的几家医院。
今天,我们都是武汉人! 莱镇华协 CAAL 诚邀您加入捐赠行列,伸出援手去帮助正在受疫情侵袭的武汉同胞!
莱镇华协会将大家的爱心捐款通过以上两个渠道购买急需的医疗物资并以最快速度送到武汉几家医院。我们也会在第一时间分享物资购买和物流情况。莱镇华协已认捐 $1000。 
1.     Please PayPal to CAAL using “Sending to friends and family” at donation@caal-ma.org and note Wuhan.  请 PayPal到donation@caal-ma.org, 选择“付款给朋友和家人”, 注明 “武汉”.  
2. 点击 http://bit.ly/CAAL4WuHan 请注明 “Wuhan” 或 “武汉”。
3. Mail your check to: Chinese American Association of Lexington, Inc. (CAAL), PO Box 453, Lexington, MA 02420.  Add “Wuhan” at the memo line.  邮寄支票到:Chinese American Association of Lexington,PO Box 453, Lexington, MA 02420. 请注明 “武汉”.
CAAL is an IRS recognized Sec. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  CAAL’s EIN: 46-2998909.  捐款可以申请公司匹配。


[Lexington Minuteman] Lexington welcomes year of the Rat with Lunar New Year show

Over the weekend, Lexington welcomed the new Lunar Year with a special show at Cary Hall. It was the culmination of months of hard work and dedication by over 100 volunteers.

The beginning of a new decade, and of a new era of Chinese culture in Lexington, was marked last weekend in Cary Hall. Hundreds gathered for the annual Lunar New Year Celebration Gala, presented by the Chinese American Association of Lexington. It is one of the largest cultural events in town each year. This year’s celebration involved more of Lexington than ever before, event chair and director Jimin Ren said.

“We believe in sharing our culture, but at the same time learning from others. It’s a good platform to really bring everyone together,” she said.

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