Chinese American Association of Lexington (CAAL) Covid-19 Relief project Behind-The-Scenes Heroes’ Interviews

CAAL Covid-19 Relief project leader: Wu, Leeying

To protect the most vulnerable groups and our medical workers, Chinese American Association of Lexington (CAAL) reached out to Chinese suppliers of personal protection equipment (PPE) and acquired disposable masks through generous donations from Lexington residents. The purchased masks were donated to nursing homes and frontline medical and health organizations.

Since early March, the volunteers in CAAL have spent their days and nights on this project with very limited resources. From collecting demand information from hospitals, nursing homes, families in need, to sorting out suppliers’ and product information, from screening the qualified PPEs suppliers from pretenders to matching the products with the local hospitals’ requirements,  from fundraising to order management and logistic coordination, not mention the complicated inventory data management. With limited man power, CAAL team delivered more than 91,180 masks to 42 hospitals and clinics, 25 nursing homes and other frontline organizations.

Today, let us peek behind the curtain, interview our 1st “Hero”

CAAL Covid-19 Relief Project Leader: Leeying Wu Read more

Community Dialog with Police and Human Rights Committee on April 21, 2020

CAAL is hosting a Community Dialog to address concerns over hostilities against Asians during the current pandemic in US society.

There is fear and blame through the use of terms “Chinese virus”

FBI has warned of increased hate crimes against Asians and there are reported incidents across the country

There is a significant rise of Wechat enrollment in “SOS” groups indicating fear amongst our community

Who will address questions

Lexington Police Chief Mark Corr with Officer Hsu

Lexington Human Rights Committee Chair Mona Roy

CAAL, Chinese American Association of Lexington since 1983

Here are the details

CAAL Newsletter to the Community during COIVD-19 Pandemic

Dear friends and neighbors, 

As the COVID-19 virus continues its spread around the world, we hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy. The Chinese American Association of Lexington (CAAL) continues to support our Lexington community and stand in solidarity with front line healthcare workers. Amid this unprecedented time, our volunteers are working tirelessly to help the community on these fronts:

Raising Funds to Purchase Masks from China 

With extra medical grade Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) production capabilities available in China, and through generous donations by our community towards the purchase of PPE, CAAL in partner with the WeStar Chinese American Alliance ordered a total 25,910 N95 and KN95 respirators, 148,286 surgical masks, 2554 protective suits and 1000 medical goggles.

CAAL contributed $85,061.61 among the total cost of $170,626.16 toward these purchases. We have received total $96,320.56 donation through generous contribution from the Lexington Chinese community, broader community and from friends and families in China.

 Supporting Local Hospitals

So far CAAL have delivered more than 54,855 masks, including 22,080 masks in partnership with WeStar Alliance,  to 34 hospitals and clinics, most of them in Massachusetts, and other frontline organizations such as Lexington Police Station, Fire Department, Public Health Office and Postal Office.

CAAL also donated masks to Delta Project in Massachusetts and Rhode Island to support those with intellectual and other life challenges. 

You can view the pictures of our donation efforts on CAAL website:, and some of the heart-warming thank-you notes to our tireless volunteers.

If you belong to a local hospital that would like to request masks, please do so by clicking this form.

Supporting Nursing Homes 

Nursing homes are the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic.  CAAL supported 22 nursing homes in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Some of them already have confirmed cases, and all the staff and residents need masks. CAAL donated 8000 KN95 respirators and surgical masks to these nursing homes, some of them with multiple deliveries.

“I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt thanks and the thanks of the Residents and staff of our facility for your organization’s generous gift of masks. Such caring and compassion during this very challenging time are uplifting and inspiring. The hard work and dedication of yourself and all the members of the Chinese American Association of Lexington are greatly appreciated. Please express our thanks to all of the associates of the CAAL who are making such touching gifts possible.” Said by the director of community life at a local nursing home

You can view our donation list by clicking here.

Organizing Mask Pickup for Residents in Need

We have masks available for residents in need – specifically, seniors, the immunocompromised, and those with underlying respiratory issues. So far, our Mask pickup station has distributed 835 masks to 128 Lexington residents. 

To use the Masks Pickup Station: 

First, view this link with a poster for details on how to use Masks Pickup Service; Next, fill out the following form if you would like to request masks for yourself or someone you know: 

Here are some heart-warming thank-you notes to the volunteers operating these pickup stations. 

WeStar Alliance with CAAL as a Partner Started a Gift Ending in .88 Campaign

WeStar Alliance with CAAL as a partner started a campaign: Donate in amount ending .88 to Emergency Response Funds for Mass General Hospital.  The number 8 is a recognized Chinese symbol of luck. This inspires hopes of our hospitals during the difficult time. To date, the gift ending in .88 project has raised nearly $30,000 in critical ERF funds. We also donated to Emergency Response Funds for Brigman and Women’s hospital.

Donating to Local Community

CAAL also donated to the Lexington community including Lexington Food Pantry and Cloth Masks Initiative. 


We are so thankful for the overwhelming support from our Lexington community and inspired by everyone’s desire to help those in need during this unprecedented time. To continue our efforts, we need your help, please help to fund these important initiatives.

How to donate:

1.      PayPal to CAAL using “Sending to friends and family” at and note “COVID-19”

2.      Check: Payable to Chinese American Association of Lexington, Inc. (CAAL), PO Box 453, Lexington, MA 02420. Add “COVID-19” at the memo line.

3.      Venmo: Pay to @CAAL-Lexington, last 4 digit of phone: 2775

Finally, please contact us at with any questions or ideas on how we can continue to support Lexington during this time. We will get through this together!