Annual CAAL Candidate Forum

The first Monday in March is Lexington’s annual election day. All town wide positions, as well as Town Meeting positions, are open for election. This year, there are multiple positions with more candidates contesting for the same position: 3 candidates for 1 position on Planning Board, 3 candidates for 2 three-year term position on Board of Selectmen, and 4 candidates for 1 one-year term position on Board of Selectmen. For School Committee, it is 2 for 2: 2 candidates for 2 positions.

Every year around this time, CAAL and CAAL PAC will run a Candidate Forum, where we invite town wide candidates to come and meet our community. We aim to provide an opportunity for our community to get to know the candidates better, why they are running, what they plan to achieve, and answer questions we care about. Right after the forum, the PAC will discuss and decide on the endorsement by voting. Candidates are eager to come to our forum, because the voting rate in our community is increasing and our past track record shows that our endorsed candidates have fared very well in the elections 

As announced before, this year’s Candidate Forum will be held on Saturday 1/19 from 1:00pm – 4:50pm, in Room 237 at Community Center. We welcome everyone to come and get to know these candidates, so you can be an informed voter on 3/4.

CAAL for Cary 图书馆150周年庆赞助募捐在一天内超额完成!!!

今年是图书馆建馆150周年纪念,基于华协和华人社区数十年对图书馆一如既往的支持,图书馆基金董事会在第一时间和最近数次邀请华协赞助150周年纪念活动,华协为此发起邀请乡亲们加盟赞助图书馆150周年纪念晚会,在短短一天内有几十家华人家庭积极响应,善款总额超过 $5000,秉承了华人爱我图馆,共建图馆,奉献爱心的传统。在此华协向所有为图书馆贡献爱心共创图馆和莱镇美好明天的乡亲们表示衷心的感谢和致敬!诚邀大家伙儿相聚2月10日华人春晚齐庆祝! 阅读原文

CAAL gives to our community in so many meaningful ways. We are blessed. -Valerie Overton

One of a million reasons why I love Chinese American Association of Lexington – CAAL! – Jeri Zeder

CAAL Donated Warm Wool Socks for Homeless Men Sheltering

Thank you CAAL for your generous donation of warm wool socks for homeless men sheltering at Bristol Lodge Waltham! A wonderful gift of sharing and caring in honor of the legacy and spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. See you all on MLK Day! -Gwen

It has always been CAAL’s believe to follow what Dr. King’s said: Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others? As a CAAL member, I am proud of what the contributions CAAL has made, in Lexington and other areas. Go, CAAL, Go! – Sophia

Two very thoughtful, generous Lexingtonians! Love you guys! Thank you, CAAL! – Nancy Adler


CAAL 和镇庆典委员会一起协办的《世界舞夜Dance Around the World 》

本周六12月8日晚上在莱克星顿高中体育馆完美展现 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion。我们华人社团积极参演,并热情地投入到志愿者服务上。13个表演团体,5个来自华人社团。53名社区自愿者服务人员,45%来自华人社区。各民族人民载歌载舞,在咱们乐心屯(lexington), 一起度过了一个欢乐祥和的,各民族同乐乐的舞蹈晚会。
天使舞蹈团, 【倒喇】

Dance Around the World 2018

CAAL 和镇庆典委员会一起协办的Dance Around the World 本周六12月8日晚上6:00到9:30将在莱克星顿高中体育馆举行。这次是华协CAAL和镇庆典委员会TCC的第三次精诚合作,届时会有来自世界各国的民族舞蹈,同台献艺,包括中国,英格兰,法国,印度,爱尔兰,以色列,韩国和蒙古。其中我们华人社团隆重推出五个舞蹈:
天使舞蹈团, 【倒喇】
活动急需志愿服务人员,学生义工会记入CAAL义工时间。Volunteer needed. To sign up

救助“事实孤儿”, CAAL在行动











LHS Talk – Joseph Zhang


EdCAAL presentation 9-22-18 – EJay

Get Involved_Sherry Zhu Ed Li


EdCAAL Held Seminar: The USA Biology Olympiad and DOE National Science Bowl

With Lexington schools in session, LHS students begin tothink about their choices in extra-curricular activities – what to pick, whereto devote their boundless energy, and who they want to do these activitieswith. EdCAAL (Education Subcommittee of CAAL) is fortunate enough to haveCatherine Wang, a LHS graduate and a Stanford rising sophomore, to give a talkabout her high school experience in pursuing the DOE’s (Dept. of Energy) NationalScience Bowl as well as USABO (USA Biology Olympiad). The Saturday afternoonevent was in high demand with tickets sold out in a few days. More than 100parents and kids attended the seminar. The event also raised $2000 fromadmission fees and sponsorships, in which $500 will go to the LHS Science BowlTeam, and $1500 to the USABO. Read the Post Event Report by Sherry Zhu.