2016-2017 Activities 主要活动

Partial List of 2016-2017 Activities (下附中文)

Organized Cultural and Social Events

  • Hosted biannual Town-wide 2016 Chinese New Year Banquet with more than 400 guests
  • Organized 2017 Chinese New Year Celebration at Cary Memorial Library with over 1,000 attendees
  • Organized Annual Summer Picnic with more than 100 families attending
  • Co-hosted the Community Coalition Monthly Welcome Coffees for new families

Engaged in Town

  • Organized Mini-Citizen’s Academy to introduce town government and promote volunteerism
  • Involved in 20/20 Vision Subcommittee on Demographic Change for Asian Communities
  • Marched in Lexington’s annual Patriots Day Parade
  • Assisted in organization of annual MLK Day of Service activities
  • Established CAAL Political Action Committee (PAC) to encourage voter education and awareness
  • Hosted Candidate Forum, endorsing candidates for Selectman and School Committee

Involved in Schools

  • Participated in Search Committee and recruitment of the School Superintendent
  • Participated in Superintendent/Administrative Council/Asian community forum to cultivate outreach and understanding
  • Sponsored town-wide school PTO/PTA community forums and Parent Academy events
  • Collaborated with Community Coalition-Youth Initiative Steering Committee and Lexington Youth Family Service (LYFS) to address Asian Student Stress
  • Organized annual College Application Knowledge Sharing Seminar: “Success for the Long Run”

Charitable Efforts

  • Raised over $10K for Community Endowment of Lexington (CEL) through collaboration with Angel Dance on a benefit performance
  • Raised over $10K from Chinese Community to Light Up Lincoln Field
  • Sponsored $2500 for METCO College Scholarship Fund of Lexington
  • Supported Lexington Education Foundation (LEF) by donating and volunteering at Annual Gala/Global Party, Trivia Bee, and annual Kids Triathlon

Community Service Initatives

  • Collaborated with Lions Club, contributing ~30% of volunteer hours for Lexington 4th of July Carnival
  • Actively volunteered at Lexington Food Pantry and LexEatTogether
  • Formed CAAL Youth Instrumental Ensemble to perform for Elderly Housing and Nursing Homes
  • Organized information session introducing Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

2016-2017 CAAL 主要活动


  • 举办了2016年有400 镇民参加的迎新春晚宴
  • 在Cary图书馆举办了2017年全镇范围的迎春节庆祝活动,吸引了逾千人参加
  • 举办了有逾百华人家庭参与的CAAL 年度夏季野餐会
  • 参与组织了社区联盟欢迎新居民的月度咖啡聚会


  • 举办了小型莱镇公民学习班向华人居民介绍镇的运作以提高对社区服务的认识
  • 参与了镇人口变迁和发展研究委员会对亞裔人口及融入社区的调查研究
  • 参加了莱镇著名的爱国者日游行
  • 积极参与马丁路德金社区服务日的各项活动
  • 成立了CAAL 参与选举行动委员会以帮助华人居民参与镇各职能的选举和投票。
  • 组织候选人论坛并着重支持了镇董事会和学区委员会的一些优秀候选人


  • 参与了学区总监招聘委员会的工作
  • 举办茶话会促进学区总监/及行政与华人社区的交流与沟通
  • 协助家长委员会举办社区交流会和家长学习班
  • 与社区联盟和青少年家庭服务组织在减少亚裔学生精神压力方面进行合作
  • 组织大学申请经验交流会“成功志在长远”


  • 与天使舞蹈团合作为莱镇社区基金会筹款 ~$10K
  • 为“照亮Lincoln 运动场”筹款 ~$10K
  • 在为莱镇教育基金会筹款的年度晚会,知识竞赛和”小铁人三项”等慈善活动上捐款并义务服务
  • 为莱镇的“城内教育机会委员会”奖学金捐款 ~$2500 以传播多元化与包容精神


  • 与狮子会合作为7月4日国庆节提供了超过30% 的义工服务
  • 积极服务莱镇食品福利中心和就餐福利中心
  • 成立了CAAL 青少年管乐队为老年中心巡回演出
  • 举办讲座介绍总统义工奖及申请信息