Why Membership

To become a CAAL member, one must be at least 18 years of age and lives or works in Lexington, be of Chinese ancestry or have a family member of Chinese ancestry. 

In the last 15 years, CAAL has been running with an open membership. This practice presents a few challenging issues: a) We don’t have a real count of our members and we don’t have any means to reach every member.; b) We cannot run a referendum, or an election that reaches out to every member.

Over the years, while the demographics of Lexington community is changing, the make-up of Chinese community is changing as well. There were more and more new immigrants joining Lexington Chinese community. With the growth of our community and greater diversities, CAAL Executive Committee believes that it is time we have a formal membership application and registration process to build up a real member base.

All members need to fill out an application form online with the electronic communication means (email) and physical address. These two communication channels will enable us to reach every member.

In addition, the Executive Committee has voted to waive the membership fee for a year for anyone joining before December 31, 2018. The Executive Committee will set the membership fee for renewal and new members afterward.

Membership Benefits

  • As a CAAL member, you can subscribe to CAAL’s email list and join CAAL WeChat group to get the latest news.
  • Members have priority to participate and be eligible to purchase tickets at discounted price for CAAL sponsored social events.
  • Members and their children are eligible to apply CAAL sponsored Presidential Service Award.
  • Members are eligible to be nominated and vote in the CAAL elections for Executive Committee offices, subcommittee leadership.